About me



Throughout my life, I've always been passionate for vibrant colors, textures, and dynamic compositions.  I love expressing what I feel in my paintings.  My goal is to create one of a kind, exclusive original pieces of art that have personal emotional
impact on my customers,  whether it's a landscape, figurative, equine, custom image,  animal, floral paintings or other type of artwork.   
Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, I was introduced to fine art at the early age, and always loved creating as long as I remember.  I began developing my colorful style of painting in late 90s, influenced by Russian and European impressionistic artists, contemporary art, love for color and my life expereinces.       
My artwork has been featured in several publications and magazines, and it can be found in thousands private collections worldwide, public displays, such as in Texas Governor's mansion, Mariinksy State Theater's production in Saint Petersburg,  University of Maine permanent art collection, corporate and professional offices, and more.

Currently residing in Austin, Texas with my family, I am available for commissioned paintings and portraits, private and group art instructions, workshops, design and illustrations. 


I was recently commissioned by Texas Governor's Mansion to create an image of the Mansion in my impressionistic painting style.  The image will be used to promote Mansion's history and for fundraising.  It was also used on the cover of the reception invitation for FORMULA ONE weekend that was organized by Texas Governor and Curcuit of Americas and held at Texas Governor's Mansion.  Here is the image of the painting.


I am also excited that my painting 'Blossoming Trees' will be used in the set design in "WAR and PEACE" in theatrical production by Graham Vick at the famous Russian State MARIINSKY Theater in Saint Petersburg.  Set designer by Paul Brown.

Here is the image of the 'Blossoming Trees' painting  (Original sold to a collector in Kansas). 

Please bookmark my website for updates and information about new works and services.