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Impressionistic Red Arabian Horse painting (thumbnail) Contemporary Horses painting (thumbnail) Contemporary Horse painting (thumbnail) Impressionistic Horses painting Svetlana Novikova (thumbnail) White Stallion Horse painting Giclee Print (thumbnail) Friesian Horse #2 painting Giclee print (thumbnail) Two Friesian Horses painting Svetlana Novikova (thumbnail) Vibrant Impasto Acrylic Horse painting Novikova (thumbnail) Mustang horse #2  Giclee print (thumbnail) Blue horse painting Giclee Print (thumbnail) Arabian Horse #1 Giclee print (thumbnail) Original Watercolor Horse Painting (thumbnail) Electric Stallion  (thumbnail) Horse Stampede  Print (thumbnail) Two horses Giclee print (thumbnail) Bright Mustang horse Giclee Print (thumbnail) Contemporary Blue eyed Paint horse oil painting by Svetlana Novikova (thumbnail) Impressionistic horse painting print in brilliant color by Svetlana Novikova (thumbnail)
Original Watercolor Horse Painting (large view)
Original Watercolor Horse Painting
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Original Watercolor white Horse Painting in a sun
9" H x 12" W

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