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Impressionistic watercolor painting of a woman by svetlana novikova (thumbnail) Original Boy Watercolor painting portrait  (thumbnail) Colorful sunlit watercolor young woman portrait by impressionistic artist Svetlana Novikova (thumbnail) Blossom Alley painting (thumbnail) watercolor painting of a woman by svetlana novikova (thumbnail) Watercolor painting woman study (thumbnail) woman sitting Ink Study on paper (thumbnail) young woman painting Giclee Print (thumbnail) Forest Fairy Portrait (thumbnail) johnny depp 2 painting (thumbnail) Woman in green Coat (thumbnail) oil portrait of a woman in classical style (thumbnail) Vibrant impressionistic young woman watercolor painting by Svetlana Novikova (thumbnail) Origina watercolor young woman portrait painting on paper by Svetlana Novikova (thumbnail) Watercolor painting girl study (thumbnail) Ethnic woman Portrait painting Watercolor Novikova (thumbnail) An original watercolor painting of a young girl child by impressionist artist Svetlana Novikova (thumbnail) Charcoal portrait drawing of woman by russian artist Svetlana Novikova (thumbnail) Original watercolor Woman portrait #3 painting Svetlana Novikova (thumbnail) Gentle young woman portrait done with watercolors on handmade Japanese paper by Svetlana Novikova (thumbnail)
young woman painting Giclee Print (large view)
young woman painting Giclee Print
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